Thank you for being interested in wanting to learn more about this blog, why it exists, and about myself.

My name is Alejandro Lucena and I'm currently a Sophomore at Cypress Bay High School, down in Sunny South Florida. I created this blog as a way to be able to teach readers and others about topics that I've learned about in my 3 years' experience writing software, studying algorithms, and learning about computer science.  Most recently, I've taken an interest into Artificial Intelligence and havely enrolled in several courses ranging from Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Planning, and several Algorithms courses  through several MOOC providers, as well as implement these languages throughout various projects and programming experiences. I've also been beginning to learn about Embedded Systems which allows me to channel my experience into  real world examples by implementing them on micro-controllers such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.  As I continue to learn more about the interesting field of CS and AI ( as well as from my mistakes!) , I will share interesting information that I believe will be of better interest to my readers.

I hope you enjoy the content I have on my blog! If you have any sort of feedback, please leave a comment telling me what your thoughts. I'm available through email for LinkedIn, Let's Connect!

Linked-in: www.linkedin.com/in/lucenadeveloper/